Saturday 13 August 2016

Rohini Nakshatra - General Info & Compatibility

Saptha Rishi Mandalam

General Info

Rohini star comes under Taurus sign which is a Soft, Steady and Romantic sign. Persons belonging to this star are lively and creative. Lord of this star is 'Brahma', the creator of universe.

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Rohini denotes the moon and which according to Numerology is No.2

Moon has Waning and waxing effects but Rohini which is in exalted sign denotes Positive effects and they are OPTIMISTIC in general. But Amavasya Rohini indicates Negative No.2 effects.

Yoni Compatibility

The yoni of Rohini star is the Male SNAKE.

Mrigasira star is for female snake which according to yoni suits best;

Mangoose is the enemy of snake and its star is Uthradam / Uthrashada. This falls on Sagittarius and Capricon Rasis.

Rasi Compatibility

Avoid 6th and 8th Rasis from Taurus. ie Libra and Sagittarius

Enmity Planets

Guru is inimical planet with respect to its Rasi.
Guru's stars are Punarvasu, Visaka and Purvabadra.
If Guru is placed in Pisces, it will not harm.

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